Ms. Jacquie: A little glam for your Thursday

We had fun on March 8th. Yes we did.

Jacquie and her boyfriend Josh arrived a bit early and walked through the door with bright and curious faces.  I greeted them at the door, probably looking similarly.  I’d had a recurring screenshot in my head of an Old Hollywood screen siren coming home from a day of filming — she appeared to be lounging, contemplative, maybe waiting for someone to call or visit.  For months I had been dreaming of a shoot infused with film noir, something dark and moody, and definitely vintage.  I found an old 1950’s Dior ad, or maybe it was the inspiration for that ad, a woman wearing a wide, platter hat of black feathers and a snug black strapless dress.  Inspiration.

As I looked for fashion ideas, I became intrigued with blending modern and vintage.   After that, dresses and hats and accessories seemed to fall off the shelf and into my cart.  It was a style idea whose time had come.

Soon after Jacquie and Josh arrived, and we said our hellos and took a quick tour, Maura — fantastic makeup artist — arrived and carted her kit in.  All three of them (and our used-to-be-scared-of-strangers cat Chloe) sat in a row in my office:  model, makeup artist, biggest fan/playlist dojo/boyfriend/cat whisperer, and cat.  It was sweet.  Four people (most of whom had never met) and a cat, getting ready to make something inspired by an image that made its way into my head and continued to play for reasons I may never understand.

To say Jacquie is a talented model, is an understatement. To describe her gift is challenging, but to be in her presence as she’s being photographed is to watch someone dig bravely into oneself and decide to be open, and vulnerable, and direct.  I think the shoot lasted 90 minutes, and for the vast majority of that time she was in the flow, free and connected.  And, even more impressive, when she lost that flow, she knew how to encourage herself back in.  If I sound inspired, it’s because I was.  I am.

In the end, what we produced was something less noir overall.  The roll from that afternoon is full of backlit images, and soft lighting coming through gauzy curtains.  And that hat.  Maybe some day I’ll blog more of those images.  For now, I’ll just leave you with one that was taken within the first 20 clicks of the day.  And now…do you see what I mean about Jacquie?  🙂



Model: Jacquie Wygant

Makeup: Maura Traniello

Photography: Amy Brogna Baione Photography

Playlist dojo/reflector holder/biggest fan:  Josh

Cat: Chloe, age 18

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