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For the last six weeks I’ve been separated from one of my cameras…my favorite camera, actually.  Non sequitir:  I’ve been thinking of calling her Norma.  So, while I knew our separation was for the best (she was suffering from a sticky menu navigation button, which is also [inconveniently] the focus point toggle button), I missed her terribly.  Yet, some really great things happened while she was in Texas getting fixed.

Having to use my back-up camera for the last six weeks turned out to be a great exercise in getting back to the basics, and practicing different lighting techniques.  Take away some of the fancier features (especially boosted ISO sensitivity) and all you really have is your knowledge of the exposure triangle and your flash, baby.  Well, I guess that’s all you ever have, but you get my point.  I hope.  Not having Norma around also meant I needed to get some new equipment, including some radio triggers for off-camera flash.  What a dream.  What an absolute dream.  And thus begins what I’m sure will be a lifelong obsession with radio triggers.  I wish I could plug them into all sorts of things.  Like traffic lights.

So, back to my reunion with Norma.   I’m just going to cut to the chase.  When I got to the camera store I quickly learned that Norma had received a major face lift.   They fixed her sticky button…by replacing her entire back plate.  Plus they also changed her grip, upgraded some firmware, and much more.  Norma was beautiful before, but now she’s a stone cold bionic fox.   And I found out earlier today that she’s still the same superstar of quality.  While taking photos for a community theater, I paired her with a 50mm/1.4 and an off-camera SB800 through an umbrella — and she came through like a champ.   Love that camera.  Love.








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