The Very-Centered-YOU-Place

I have known Wonderful Maeve for about 3 years and have taken her portraits before.   She is an actor, and a singer, and has been in front of still and video cameras many times.  So you may think this means that Maeve does not get beginning-of-photoshoot jitters.   But she does.   Everybody does, except for a few rare people…and 93.4% of them are under 5 years old.  🙂

So.  How does Maeve get through the jitters?  Her secret is simple:   she persists.

She breathes in and out.  Sometimes audibly.  She changes her expressions, she tries new things.  She looks away from the camera, and back.  She takes breaks, she listens and takes a chance on the suggestions I give.  And as our session moves forward, I can see Maeve shaking off self-consciousness and finding a very-centered-Maeve-place.  I catch moments where she is looking directly into the camera as if she were looking directly into herself.  And these are exactly the moments I wait for, hoping to capture them with a shutter click.  This is what I wish for everybody, and not just during portrait sessions, but always:  that you can tap into that very-centered-YOU-place.  That you can learn to look into yourself and love what you see.

I think that’s one major reason why I love photography as much as I do.

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