Plum Island Love

There is so much to love about coastal New England.  I grew up here, and I constantly fall ever deeper in love with the people and natural settings in this area.   On a cloudy day last week I had some extra time to toddle around Newburyport…so I did.   I ambled through the Tannery shops, getting inspired by (ahem, drooling over) romantic suitcases, industrial cage-like chandeliers — and deep wooden tones everywhere.  Lately, I pretend that most everything I see is auditioning to be a location, or an object of inspiration for future photoshoots.  I often find myself just staring at things, in deep thought.  Who am I kidding…I find myself staring at people that way, as if I’m watching television rather than real life.  And the whole time I’m clicking pictures in my head.  I’m telling you this much:  everyone I watch has truly beautiful moments.

After the Tannery I ventured over to Plum Island for a bit.  As I was driving on the causeway the sky turned a strange warm blue-gray and I jumped out of the car to snap a few shots of the marsh and sky looking southeast.  And then I had a thought.  Plum Island has been good to me.  I grew up looking at the Ipswich end of it from my childhood house.   As a kid I remember eating carefully wrapped picnic lunches with my family at Sandy Point, sometimes having traveled by car and sometimes by boat.  I remember sitting on the southern tip of the island looking over to Steep Hill Beach and Castle Hill, daydreaming about walking across the channel.   More recently I’ve had meals with wonderful friends there, spent many Saturdays photographing families there, and on one really special evening I sat for hours with my honey waiting for the full moon to come up over Gloucester.  That island is more than a little bit magical.

Thank you to Red Bird Trading Company for letting me take the first two pictures.

To read about Plum Island’s recent struggle with storm-aggravated erosion, click here.  And please send the island and its people good wishes.



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