Featured: Hannah

Weather has never foiled as many plans as it did for Hannah’s senior portraits. For a while there it seemed like Mother Nature was playing one very long, sophisticated practical joke on us. But I’m happy to say we all persisted. We had beautiful light at Appleton Farms, a moody gray haze at Crane Estate, and then on the third day the sun set on Crane Beach (I will never get used to calling it that…it’s Crane’s….) and we got some lovely shots of the absolutely beautiful Ms. H in her true element. She certainly seemed comfortable at Appleton and Crane Estate, but she seemed at home on the beach.

Also of note: I think Hannah might be a modern day Cinderella of sorts. Birds and beasts of all kinds showed up to visit her on each location. At Appleton Farm, a squirrel ate a snack and watched Hannah from a very close fence post, and cows meandered purposefully and persistently into our shots. At Crane’s Beach, Hannah was welcomed by a few horses in the parking lot, and then by a friendly dog on the beach who danced around Hannah until she very graciously said hello. All I’m saying is this: if she starts singing, duck for cover.

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