Dear 2014, you were a good one.

I’m so very thankful for all the wonderful families and newlyweds I photographed this year, and completely humbled by how this small business is growing. This year I tried to listen for my own creative voice. I learned that I experience a certain kind of stillness when a photograph feels good or true to me. I learned that I have a lot more to learn. I watched lovers getting married, and parents loving their children, and children loving their parents right back. I cried more times than I would like to admit, mostly happy tears, sometimes sad, almost always fogging up the viewfinder. I climbed into a hayloft, stood atop ladders and stone walls, laid prostrate on the sand and waded knee-deep in the ocean to be with people and capture their amazing lives.  And I loved every minute of it.  Thanks, 2014. I’m inspired. And I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.


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Hannah: Ipswich High School Senior

Weather has never foiled as many plans as it did for Hannah’s senior portraits. For a while there it seemed like Mother Nature was playing one very long, sophisticated practical joke on us. But I’m happy to say we all persisted. We had beautiful light at Appleton Farms, a moody gray haze at Crane Estate, and then on the third day the sun set on Crane Beach (I will never get used to calling it that…it’s Crane’s….) and we got some lovely shots of the absolutely beautiful Ms. H in her true element. She certainly seemed comfortable at Appleton and Crane Estate, but she seemed at home on the beach.

Also of note: I think Hannah might be a modern day Cinderella of sorts. Birds and beasts of all kinds showed up to visit her on each location. At Appleton Farm, a squirrel ate a snack and watched Hannah from a very close fence post, and cows meandered purposefully and persistently into our shots. At Crane’s Beach, Hannah was welcomed by a few horses in the parking lot, and then by a friendly dog on the beach who danced around Hannah until she very graciously said hello. All I’m saying is this: if she starts singing, duck for cover.

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Mandy & Aaron: Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm Wedding

Every time I visit with Mandy and Aaron, I leave feeling more peaceful and balanced. This was, remarkably, also the case on the day of their wedding. I’ve not seen a calmer bride and groom. Ever. The pace of their day was relaxed and gracious, which was only amplified by just how gorgeous the weather was.

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Before the ceremony began, Aaron waited in the big yellow barn at Spencer-Peirce. He got some boutonniere assistance from Tara of Tigerlily’s Events.  I found Mandy in the visitor center carrying the bouquet she made, wearing gorgeous blue drop earrings and buttery gold bracelets given to her by her mother. I believe all the bouquets and centerpieces were made by Mandy and friends.
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The ceremony was sweet and intimate, and took place in the open air in the courtyard behind the main house. The stone facade makes such a beautiful backdrop and does really wonderful things with light. Sigh. Aaron walked over from the barn with the minister and his brother, and Mandy greeted him so tenderly after her walk down the aisle. At the end, husband and wife kissed, and then kissed again, which made everyone happy.  (The minister, whose name I will try to find again and place here, was warm, expressive, and busting with human kindness.)

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After the ceremony, we took some family and bridal party portraits and then had a nice leisurely stroll around the grounds with Mandy and Aaron.

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In the portrait below, Mandy and Aaron are looking at the very spot in which they got engaged, which I think is kind of magical.

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Mandy and Aaron had enough time to get all sorts of photography done and spend time with their guests at cocktail hour, which was important to them. And, oh, the dinner was delicious. I would describe it as Gorgeously Luxe Barbecue.  The band gathered at an al fresco table to go over some last preparations.

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About 15 minutes before the sun was to sink behind a bank of trees, I made my way out into the corn fields, knowing that Mandy and Aaron would follow just after as planned. I watched them walking towards me through a long zoom lens and was moved by how beautiful they and the scene were. And I’m really not talking about outward beauty (although they have that as well), I’m talking about the glow of partnership and friendship and celebration — and the grace of being at ease with it all. At one point along their walk, Mandy’s dress must have picked up some field debris, and Aaron handled it chivalrously.

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The band, Hot Sauce Rhythm and Blues, was also delicious, er, I mean awesome. They played their hearts out for Mandy and Aaron, and it didn’t take long for friends and family to get up and groove. Towards the end of the evening, Aaron played with the band with friends and family gathered on the dance floor. I’m just sayin’: he can play.

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As the evening came to a close I took my camera and tripod out into the field to get some long exposure shots of the farm, the tent, and the clear starry night.  I can’t be completely sure, but it looks like I captured a shooting star over the barn. A little blessing from the Cosmos, a kiss on the forehead for the Peaceful Couple.

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Maura and Mike: Newburyport Wedding

Before their wedding Maura and Mike took my husband and I out to dinner at the Mission Oak Grill in Newburyport. It’s supposed to be the other way around, with me treating wedding clients to food or drink at their consultation, but this couple is as gracious and giving as they come.

On the day of the wedding Maura got ready at the Garrison Inn with her bridesmaids and her beautiful daughter. The ceremony took place at the foot of the lighthouse on Plum Island, after which the bridal party and all their wedding guests walked down the pier to board the Captain’s Lady III.  We cruised up and down the Merrimack River and then out through the Basin and north along the coast to Salisbury, where we stopped to watch the Saturday night fireworks.

A pretty perfect moment on a warm July night.


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