Lensbaby on Plum Island

My husband and I are so fortunate to live where we do, a few towns away from some of the best beaches around.  I grew up overlooking the ocean and I think because of that, looking at the ocean will always be some of the very best medicine for me. I’ve never been interested in baking on the beach for the whole day. In fact, I love going before or after the hot sun. I love the beach during the last hour of sunlight. I love to throw rocks, and see if I can send them into the stiller waters, beyond the froth. I love watching the little holes that appear in the soggy sand and the little rocks that cartwheel down as a wave washes back over the sand slope. I love watching the seagulls that walk around like grumpy little despots. I love the sound of the waves’ rhythm, pushing and pulling on the shore. I love the awesomeness of scale, the enormity and spaciousness of the view. I love the smell — and even more during low tide.  I think that’s one way to determine if you grew up near the ocean: if you love the sulphury smell of low tide, and smile the sweetest, closed-eye smile when you suck a chestful of it in.  Right?

I had rented a Lensbaby Composer Pro to try it out for a little while. And on a cloudy Sunday during the rental period, my husband and I went to Plum Island with my gear and the New York Times. He read while I chased waves with the lensbaby attached to my camera. It takes some practice, but if you’re patient you can create some beautiful, magical, playful effects. It will definitely be placed on my gear wishlist. 

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