Thank you MOO and Miller’s and Everybody

Not one but two awesome packages came in the mail today…within a couple of minutes of each other.  I was smiling as I ran downstairs to bring the packages inside because (thanks to the interwebs and ridiculously specific mail tracking) I knew precisely which two packages these were:  new voucher cards from Miller’s, and new business cards from MOO.  And when I say smiling, I mean like a little kid smile and some clapping on the way. I brought the two packages upstairs, and I stared at them.  Kinda worried that Christmas wasn’t going to live up to Christmas eve, but still smiling.  

When I opened the MOO package I thought, “Oh this is why people love this company.” MOO is headquartered in England.  The cards were printed and hand-packed here in the US. Their packaging is thoughtful and beautifully simple. Their message is clear and oftentimes funny.  They are crazy with the extras and details. Now, aside from all that, the reason I ordered my business cards from MOO was because they allow you to put multiple images on the back of your cards — kind of like carrying around a little portfolio in the gorgeous black boxes they give you.  I ordered two different series (one for seniors, one for families) and am very happy with the results.
Then I opened the new gift vouchers from Miller’s. I’ve been using Miller’s for a while for prints, and cards, and DVD covers.  I love their work, and I am completely thrilled with the voucher cards.  I can’t wait to send them to people. These are printed on linen paper, which I love. 
Then, after opening everything, I sat back and stared at these creations. I marveled at all that had gone into making them.  I looked around the office we have been redecorating to be my photography space.  And my heart melted when I thought about all of the people who have contributed to the making of these cards and this business that I love more and more each day.  Thank you to Miller’s and MOO for making products of such nice quality.  Thank you to all the people and families I have photographed, especially those who took the chance on me early on.  Thank you to all the people who have lent support in these beginning years — from my husband, my mom, my brother, my friends, to the fabulous group of (mostly) women who promote me and encourage me.  A special thank you to the very impromptu focus group that formed recently on Facebook, who are giving such great feedback on branding decisions.  Thank you to the talented people and vendors I have learned from and worked with — makeup artists, wedding designers, other photographers, suppliers.  And thank you, TJ Maxx.  I am indeed furnishing my office to the maxx for the minimum price.

My heart is full.  And I know it will continue to be full because Thursday I get to have an image review soiree with two lovely women, and on Friday I get to make some senior portraits in Salisbury.  Life is good.

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