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So, sometimes things like thunderstorms, horridly humid weather, car troubles and other minor calamities can be a wee bit disruptive to outdoor family portrait sessions, and, more rarely, these things can also put a damper on image review appointments.

This lovely and oh-so-lovable family (let’s call them the Beautiful Sisters Family) and I had been gracefully negotiating these kinds of disruptions, and they had been waiting patiently and excitedly to see their photos.  And, at last, we were scheduled to meet yesterday afternoon at 4pm.   Yahoooo!   As I was about to depart for their home, I happened to notice a FB post from a friend who lives near the Beautiful Sisters Family, and it said simply:  “In the basement.”   Huh.  Odd.  A person replied something like, “Oh, no!  Let me know how it pans out for that area.”   Hmmmm.  Okay…  That’s concerning.   A brief bit of Googling and Tweet-cruising sitting in my car in the driveway delivered the news that, in fact, there was a tornado warning in our county.   Yep.  That’s right.  A tornado warning.  Oh, and a flash flood warning for much of the same area.  So, after some emails and a phone call, we thought it wise to reschedule the meeting for another day.  Again.  Mrs. Beautiful Sisters is gracious and patient, mixed with the kind of dry wit that really makes me laugh.  All good things considering yesterday’s events.

And the sisters?  Gosh, they are lovely.  They made me laugh so many times during our session.  I mean, really laugh.  Each of them is quite different from the other, but all have such wonderful curiosity, intelligence, humor and beauty.  I’m so looking forward to seeing them and Mr. & Mrs. Beautiful Sisters very soon!  (And whether this entails traveling by boat, tunnel, hot air balloon, or magical unicorn…I’m going to that appointment!)

P.S.  The tornado formation didn’t touch down in our area.  Thank goodness.  Sending good wishes to the folks in Windsor, CT, and other areas that were affected by the tornado.

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