Caroline | Massachusetts Senior Portrait Session

When the day came for Caroline’s session, my husband and I drove to her beautiful house and were greeted at the door with such sunshine by Caroline’s mom.  Caroline was just a little quiet at first, but was also relaxed and beautifully interactive with the camera as soon as the session started.  And I guess by “beautifully interactive” I mean she was very natural and did not shy away from direct contact with the camera.  Fantastic.  We took photos of Caroline sitting on the deck, on the steps leading down to a really lovely lake, and lastly (thanks to my husband) on a dock, sitting in a cozy upholstered chair.  Caroline and I carefully navigated by each other (and the chair) on that narrow dock, trying different angles and waiting for optimal sunlight.  And all the while, Caroline had this really calm and very present regard for us and for the work at hand.  Remembering it now, her presence was lovely and graceful.  I hope that her grace shines through in these portraits.  Thank you, Caroline.  And thanks, as well, to your wonderful parents.

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