Senior Portraits | Part Deux | Sephora Promotion Update

So, yesterday I posted quickly about a July/August promotion for booking Senior Portraits, which includes a complimentary makeup artist for your session or a free Sephora makeup kit.  Fast forward to this morning when I went to Sephora to gather an inventory of makeup kits to use for this promotion.  I was greeted by wonderful Meg who immediately asked if I needed any help. “Yes!  Yes, I really do.” I said.  We talked about the promotion and I asked “What do girls REALLY want when they come to Sephora?”  She really didn’t blink:  Urban Decay’s NAKED Palette.  “Yeah?”  “Yep.”  Smiles. Nods. Done.

Meg brought me to the register, and as I put the admittedly awesome armload of NAKED and NAKED 2 palettes up on the counter, she told the manager Mindy about the promotion.  Charlie rang up the purchase (and helped me claim my free birthday gift…) and as that was happening Mindy went away and came back with several VIB sample kits and said, “Make sure you give these to the girls, too.”  Ummmmm, okay….yes!  Charlie gave me extra bags and tissue paper and gift receipts for each individual gift and sent me on my way.  Great customer service.  So, to Meg, Mindy and Charlie at Sephora in the Mall at Rockingham Park I say:  THANK YOU and I will be back for more NAKED palettes!

So today I am reposting the announcement from yesterday, and below that I’m including some pictures of the swag acquired today.

Major shout out to Sue Bryce, whose photography and mentoring are both off the hook, as the kids say.  Seriously, thanks Sue.

Another major shout out to Andi, who is pictured in the first flyer.  Is she not beautiful?  She is also kind, smart, and strong.

Oh, and one last shout out: to my neighbor Olga, who (as I was taking pictures of makeup) delivered a piece of the best spinach pie I’ve ever had.  Thanks, Olga!


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