Noah and Izzy | Salisbury Beach

One of the things I love most about photographing kids is watching how free they are to be themselves, how eager they are to explore and play. Having the opportunity to watch this through a zoom lens, at a distance that gives kids the space to roam naturally, is a gift for which I am truly grateful. Children are spectacular when they are at play, or examining something that fascinates them, or engrossed in some kind of thought or feeling. It’s hard to call it a job, but if I have one job in those moments it is to remember to click the shutter button.

I was very lucky to photograph Noah and Izzy last week.  They are beautiful 4-year-olds.   Twins.   I met them last year on a shoot at Maudslay State Park.  This year we decided to take them to Salisbury Beach.  Just after their car came to a stop behind me, as I was getting gear from my trunk, I heard a muffled “Amyeeeee!” coming from inside their car.  They hopped out of the car, ready to go and wide open.  Stand under a tree?  Check.  Hold hands?  Check.  Smile at each other? Check.   Even after we stepped onto the sandy beach they allowed me to take some more posed headshots before getting to the real business of playing and exploring.   Izzy spent lots of time digging holes, and making mounds of sand — and then running and jumping onto the mounds of sand.  Noah trolled the sand for shells and loved showing them to his mom, to me, to his sister.  Both, at different occasions, lingered for a bit looking outward across the ocean, taking it all in.

As I edited their images over the past week, I was struck again by how beautiful they are, how breathtaking this beach is, how wonderful the afternoon was — and how lucky and grateful I am to make a living in the service of capturing beautiful images of people.  Truly remarkable.

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